King Charles III


Sets- Skip Mercier

Costumes- Kish Finnigan

Lights- Paul Miller

Sound- Brian Peterson

opt-_67a1356With: Peter Van Norden, Adam Hass Hunter, Dylan Saunders, Jeanne Syquia, Kate Highland, Corey Johnson, Greg North, Steve Alderfer, Christian Miller, Kathryn Kellner, Cathy Dresbach and Harold Dixonopt-_50a0090

“This production, this play, underscores why it was so necessary for Arizonans to rally around ATC, infusing it with the funds it needed to launch its 50th season.  And what a launch. … Matt August directs with wit and a sense of urgency. While we may not care about the royal family, August makes it impossible not to care about these people, or the very real human emotions and important ideas this play shines a light on.”  -ARIZONA DAILY STAR

“The production now playing at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix is excellent, from the towering abstract, silver-lit set to the Brit-pop soundtrack that eases the transitions. And the acting is great.”  – ARIZONA REPUBLIC

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