Pig Farm

PIG FARM by Greg Kotis
Co-World Premier
The Old Globe, San Diego CA


Set Design- Tak Kata
Costume Design- Jenny Mannis
Lighting Design- Chris Rynne
Sound Design- Paul Peterson
A Looney Tunes extravaganza of pork and passion on the plains receiving a nifty production on the Old Globe’s smaller arena stage. Helmer Matt August keeps tongues firmly out of cheek and elicits a remarkable amount of variety within the hard-bitten style.
Matt August’s deftly acted production, billed as the “co-world premiere,” wrings as much hilarity out of the script as possible….It’s broad, playful and eager to tickle more than provoke. How funny you’ll find it will depend on your taste for tastelessness. I laughed quite a bit. As a roll in the theatrical mud, it could hardly be more amusingly pulled off.
Director Matt August and fight director Steve Rankin turn the Carter into a manic steeplechase of slapstick, pratfalls, and physical comedy as hilarious as it is dangerous to perform. “Comic intensity” should be an oxymoron, since the rule with comedies is usually the lighter the better. But the terrific ensemble cast performs Pig Farm with such comic intensity they make minutely choreographed steps appear completely spontaneous.


Thank you, Old Globe, for “Pig Farm,” the funniest two hours of theatre the city has had in many an opening night. …Kotis has provided a tough, sturdy, kick-ass script that lets pros like director Matt August and his four actors really shine.